In each of the works in the Liminal series, malleable, marble-like slabs pose on glassy, metallic plinths. These "stone" objects, whose surfaces swirl in un-stone-like colors, touch upon the uncanny, exhibiting the possibilities of fabric more than the permanence of inert earth matter. Scaled to the dimensions of my own figure, these cast concrete objects are embodiments of the artist: I form them by compacting and twisting the wet concrete and shoving my body into the material. Each sculpture's stone, a material which I often use to stand in for the human body, peels up provocatively or slumps over, exhausted from the conditions of its own making.

These sumptuous yet simple surfaces are not necessarily to be believed; I toy with the materiality and immateriality of the objects themselves, upending assumptions about their composition and capabilities. The polished surfaces of the pedestals emit a lightness that contravenes our beliefs about the weighty bodies they support--or perhaps conceal; these posed stone forms float over hazy doubles living within the non-space of the mirrored pedestal.

These, and many of my works, exist at an intersection or threshold--activated/inert, rigid/pliable, alive/dead, real/facsimile. Each sculpture affirms the coexistence of such dualities, and each represents the liminal: the ambiguous point of transition from one stage to another, the point at which a restructuring occurs.