Within their constructed environments, and the wider context of our increasingly human-made and -molded world, my installations employ synthetic fibers to shape, divide, and harness architectural space. My Topographies works reinstate the topographies surrounding their sites inside their buildings’ rectilinear atriums, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside, deconstructing the surrounding walls.

 The installations I created for Airbnb, Seattle, and The US Embassy in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan drew their inspiration from Mount Rainier National Park and the Tien Shan range, respectively—topographical regions framing and encircling each site. To create these works, I collaged together sections of topographical maps of each mountain range and mathematically converted those measurements into meticulously measured “warps.” I then layered the panels to create a complete image: a three-dimensional contemporary tapestry of the mountain range. By bringing the landscape inside and recasting it in diaphanous, draping nylon rope, I highlight the ephemerality and fragility of the natural world and underscore humans' impact upon it.