The large-scale site-specific and site-responsive architectural Interventions in the Unbounded series utilize hand-chiseled obsidian rock and hand-dyed rope to create bound yet flowing textile surfaces. The materials used question our assumptions about material characteristics and reference their surroundings: Unbounded echoes the industrial, seafaring history of its immediate site (Brooklyn) and Unbounded II taps into the history of coke mines and steel industry of its surrounding site (Pittsburgh). Both works harmonize with the architecture surrounding them, while their precariously tumbling constituent parts simultaneously deconstruct those walls, and the walls inherent to the sculptures' own tenuously tied boulders.

This series highlights the forces shaping us, while simultaneously asking the viewer to question the human impact on the landscape and reconsider the stability of boundaries—whether physical, architectural, or self-created. The work asks viewers to feel a sense of vulnerability when in conversation with the over 6,000 pounds of obsidian that comprises each of these seemingly gravitationally impossible formations.